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I grew up in Warrenton, Virginia, right about where the suburbs of Washington D.C. stop, and the cow-to-human ratio starts going up. I was pretty much always a giant nerd, heavily into science, technology, and various other esoteric subjects.

I created my first web page when I was 17, roughly two weeks after receiving my first web-capable computer. It was an ugly, blinking, MIDI-file-playing mess put together in Microsoft Frontpage. I really wish I still had a copy of it. Eventually, I taught myself HTML, CSS, and a hodgepodge of other technologies, and started developing the clean, simple aesthetic evident in most of my work.

I studied graphic design at George Mason University, and while there worked for their Web Communications department. I became responsible for a lot of Mason’s high profile web sites, and most of the work in my portfolio is from my tenure there.

I recently moved to Columbia, Missouri with my partner (now wife!) Jenni. I am now a web designer for the University of Missouri. My work there is starting to trickle in.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a line.